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Hacquire Media does not only provide you with the entire selection of billboard sites but include expert analysis and creative edge to reach your marketing goals within your budget.


 Street Lamp Poles


Street lamp poles provide our clients with the most effective way of advertising in terms of cost and Return on Investment (ROI).

Billboard Advertising

To satisfy the needs of our clients, we offer the service of billboard advertising nationwide. Our network of billboard locations…

Digital Billboard


Digital billboards are a great alternative to traditional billboards, giving you an agile and cost-effective outdoor advertising solution.

Digital Signage

Our digital signage advertising provides you with opportunity to inform, entertain, educate, and communicate with customers.

Wall & Street

Furniture Branding

We also enable our clients to exhibit their products and services through wall branding in business district areas.

BRT/Vehicle Branding

All our clients who have used the service of vehicle branding for their advertising campaigns have achieved their

Did You Know?


Outdoor Advertising offers one of the lowest CPMs of all advertising formats.

Consumers spend over 70% of their waking hours outside of the home

Outdoor Advertising can increase reach by over 300% making it a must for most brands

74% of consumers see Billboards everyday.

Outdoor Media is the biggest driver of web traffic for young people.




What are the different types of outdoor advertising?

Targeting potential customers outside the home, outdoor advertising is an effective marketing tool for improving brand awareness and sales of products and services. From outdoor advertisements on lamp posts to those on billboards, on buses, on bridges, on shelves in stores, in window fronts and, the most well-known form of outdoor advertising, on classic or digital billboards, there are many different types of outdoor advertising.

What are the advantages of outdoor advertising in Nigeria?

Unlike TV, digital, radio, and mobile advertising, outdoor advertising feels less intrusive and aggressive to viewers. Being in well-placed, strategic locations, outdoor adverts effectively capture the attention of passers-by — who are 98% more alert than when in their homes. Even with the rise of digital marketing, outdoor advertising and billboards in Nigeria are still one of the most cost-effective marketing channels and have a truly impressive success rate.

What kind of outdoor advertising solutions does Hacquire Media offer?

Offering both classic and digital billboards in Nigeria, Hacquire Media creates outdoor advertising solutions designed for maximum visibility. Our creative design teams help our clients create high-impact billboards and our strategic media planning team ensures all adverts are placed in the most ideal locations for maximum effectiveness.

Drive sales and brand awareness with a static or digital billboard designed by the experts in outdoor advertising in Melbourne — reach out Civic Outdoor today.

Why is outdoor advertising in Nigeria especially effective right now?

As online spaces have become increasingly crowded with advertisements, savvy audiences are tuning out and turning off. Compare this to the non-intrusive nature of outdoor marketing, and the value of a targeted billboard in Melbourne is unbeatable.

How do you measure the effectiveness of outdoor advertising?

As part of a media and creative strategy, our teamwork with you to set key performance indicators and monitor the effectiveness of your campaign. With well-located classic and digital billboards, we’ll help you communicate with your audience and track the results of your messaging. Chat with us today to see what’s possible.



Do you have a property or building with high visibility from a key road?

Talk to Hacquire Media today about opportunities for us to manage your digital signage or develop a billboard on your property.

Guaranteed Income

Get a chance to generate a rental income by housing a digital billboard built and owned by Hacquire Media.

Increase Property Value

With the totally passive income a billboard provides, your property is likely to be more attractive to purchasers.

No Investment Needed From You

We take care of all the cost and hassle including council and engineering approvals, build costs and ongoing maintenance.

Ease of Management

We’ll will take care of all the heavy lifting. From the first meeting with the Council to application approvals, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

If you would like to discuss placing a billboard on your property, please contact us.

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