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Street Lamp Poles

Street lamp poles provide our clients with the most effective way of advertising in terms of cost and Return on Investment (ROI). This service is available in Lagos and across Nigeria with access to over 5,000 poles.

Our prime areas include Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, most areas of the

Central Business District and Nationwide.

Billboard Advertising

To satisfy the needs of our clients, we offer the service of billboard advertising nationwide. Our network of billboard locations will enable our clients to action a countrywide campaign.


We work with the client to ensure that the campaign on the billboards is in the best location to attract maximum attention from existing and potential customers.

Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital billboards are a great alternative to traditional billboards, giving you an agile and cost-effective outdoor advertising solution. On our location or yours, nothing beats the flexibility of and impact of a digital.


You can choose to either have a digital billboard at one of our great locations or

you can choose to hire a digital billboard to have at your business premises.

Digital Signage

Our digital signage advertising provides you with opportunity to inform, entertain,

educate, and communicate with customers in your office, store, or event.

Signage can inform consumers of new releases, sales, and product information.

It can also entertain through videos and interactive games. It also replaces

conventional paper, posters, and banner signage with Electronic Signage.

Wall & Street

Furniture Branding

We also enable our clients to exhibit their products and services through wall branding in business district areas and major cities across the country. We also have street furniture in and around major cities ready to accommodate your advertising campaign.

BRT/Vehicle Branding

All our clients who have used the service of vehicle branding for their advertising campaigns have achieved their business objectives. Why? Because we guarantee value for money in everything we do.

Supermarkets & Mall Advertising

These are high-traffic environments that are ideal for strategic advertising placement and brand engagement. 80% of supermarket and mall customers live within the location, allowing your brand to target neighborhoods personally.

Our in-store LED screens are prominently positioned throughout the store, supermarket and pharmacy advertising allows for high dwell time and brand exposure.

Mobile Billboard


Our state-of-the-art digital trucks offer a diverse portfolio of creative mobile marketing solutions that command the attention of your audience. Project dynamic video or static messaging that gets seen. Stand out from the crowd with high-definition LED text and graphics or captivate potential customers with an interactive campaign and live stream. We take your campaign to anywhere you desire.

Street Numbering/Directional Signs Advertising

This is another of our innovative and creative ideas. We combine our knowledge and technical skills in road safety with our vast experience in outdoor advertising to come up with a solution that solves the problem of navigation on major cities in Nigeria.


Street Numbering and Direction Signs enable businesses to solve a social problem while advertising at the same time. The signs are a cost-effective mode of advertising designed for all sizes and categories of businesses. This service is available for implementation in all areas of Nigeria.

Digital Marketing


No marketing strategy is complete without embracing internet marketing, from your website to social media and online advertising strategies.


We manage your digital marketing campaigns and delivers seamless multi- channel marketing from offline to online with the aim increasing the value of your business and lower your advertising costs and increase your profit.


Gift Items

We are professionals in corporate and product branding, lets help transform your brands public look. Premium

Promotional Giveaways are very talkative, and they continuously speak for you even in your absence.


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